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Simple Systems That Drive Success in Podcast Guesting | Patty Block

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Woman Owned Business Succession with Patty Block


Broken Cookies and Selling Companies with Patty Block

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Patty Block: The Power of High Energy Communication

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Women Business Owners, preparing your business for growth and exit

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How To Be Confident in Your Pricing as a Woman in Business

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The ‘Broken Cookie Effect’: Building Success for Women Leaders

Dr. Pelè

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Scott Ritzheimer

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Bill Ellis; Brand Architect

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Conversation Ace: Patty Block

Leah Zimmerman

How The Broken Cookie Effect Impacts Our Pricing

Anke Herrmann

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The Noticed Network's Amy Johnson

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Stepping into Your Power featuring Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence and Patty Block

What Has My Attention

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What Has My Attention

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What Has My Attention

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3 Ways to Get Control Of Your Cash Flow (And Sleep Better at Night)

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How to Turn Roadblocks into Building Blocks with Patty Block

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Empowering Business Owners for Success with Patty Block

Prosperity Place Interview

Beating The Broken Cookie EffectTM: Price for Value and Stop Settling for Crumbs

By Patty Block, Founder of The Block Group Inc.

Growing up, my mom made these fabulous cookies. The whole house smelled good, the cookies were warm and gooey - I mean these were seriously good cookies...

Proactive Cash Flow Strategies

By Patty Block

Henry Ford once famously said: “Vision without execution is just hallucination.” I love this quote because it’s funny and it’s true! While revenue production is the core goal for every business...

Top Workplaces Winners Make Their Employees Feel Secure

By Lydia DePillis, Houston Chronicle Business Reporter, November 2, 2017

Companies that made the Houston Chronicle's list of Top Workplaces found ways to maintain high employee morale despite what...

Houston’s Top Workplaces give employees sense of meaning, even when the pay isn’t great

By Mark Collette, Houston Chronicle Business Reporter, November 1, 2018

Despite another year of a slow recovery from an oil slump and catastrophic flooding, employees at the Houston Chroni...

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