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Isn’t it time to run your business your way – with more confidence, profit, and joy?

“In this invaluable book, Patty showed me how to confidently charge more for my services. By reframing the language around my offerings and changing my pricing models to align with the value I provide, I am now getting paid for my worth, not just what I think the market will bear.”

- Alexandra Watkins

Brand name expert and bestselling author of Hello, My Name is Awesome. Her company, Eat My Words, has been cooking up unforgettable names and working with clients from Amazon to Xerox since 2005.

“If you are a woman business owner who knows how to help people but doesn’t know how to get paid very well for it, you have finally found the answers you need. Your Hidden Advantage doesn’t just unlock the secrets to building your business. In these pages you’ll find the precise steps to follow to achieve the success you deserve and the sisterhood you’ve longed for to cheer you on and push you forward to get it.”

- Deborah Gilboa, MD

(aka “Dr. G”), Resilience expert, practicing family physician, leading media personality, and bestselling author of From Stressed to Resilient: The Guide to Handle More and Feel it Less.

"One of the wonderful things about working with Patty is she's providing advice from a woman's perspective. A lot of her insights speak directly to me, and it’s given me the confidence to raise my prices and talk about the real value I provide, so I'm not second-guessing and doubting myself.”

- Paige Donnell

Founder & CEO of Paige PR, specializes in public relations and marketing for the energy, aerospace, technology, medical, industrial and financial services sectors.

“Before working with Patty, I was just winging it as I went and now, I have a process which takes less time and energy, while also leading to more 'yeses'! The thing that really made me go 'WOW!' was learning how to get away from an hourly model by focusing on the value provided versus the hours spent.”

- Jeni Golomb

Founder & Managing Director of Bamboo Branding, is a former Chief Marketing Officer for major companies, like Altoids and Huggies. Jeni is on a mission to help businesses realize "bamboo fast" growth by creating strong brands and developing marketing talent.

“Patty helped me see the possibility of billing clients for expertise and learn how to price differently. I’ve become more confident and comfortable in communicating the value I bring to clients.”

- Geneve Huxley, CPA

CEO of Huxley CPA Consulting, is an expert in corporate finance and serves as an outsourced Chief Financial Officer for businesses, solving financial mysteries every step of the way.

“I’m a Patty super-fan! Within two weeks of working with Patty, I sold my first five-figure contract. Her methods work and she tailors them to what works best for each client. Patty has changed my life and my business ~ and I don't say that lightly!”

- Sophie Michals

Owner of (sm) Edits, is an expert business and technical writer helping businesses simplify complex ideas, showcase their expertise, and resonate with their target audience.

How do you know if you’re heading

in the right direction?

As a woman business owner, do you doubt yourself more often than you’d like to admit? Do you long to reach your business goals faster and reignite your passion?

Unlock Your Hidden Advantage – your special ability that builds value in your business – and you’ll uncover answers to your most challenging questions.

Follow Patty Block’s proven, practical advice and you will:

  • Confidently make choices that are right for your business.

  • Build a pricing model and adjust your pricing to reflect the real value you provide.
  • Work with the clients who value you most – and are happy to pay for your expertise.
  • Boldly communicate clearly and powerfully.
  • Implement strategic growth to design and achieve a more profitable future.

Now, you can earn more with less stress! It’s time to run your business your way – with more confidence, profit, and joy.

Business advisor and pricing expert Patty Block empowers women business owners to turn up their power by shifting their mindset, attracting right-fit clients, and boosting their revenue to achieve a more profitable future.

“Patty Block has laid out in exquisite detail what keeps us stuck and not growing in business through a series of engaging narratives and frameworks. This book will take you on a journey through your business and illuminate many of the blind spots business builders face. Most importantly, it lays out a path forward that is practical and achievable.”

- Michael Roderick

CEO of Small Pond Enterprises is a referability expert and host of the Access To Anyone podcast.

“Patty's book is a game-changer for women business owners. Her expertise, gathered from years of consulting and guiding women in the service industries, shines through as she shares her powerful insights, principles, and approaches for discovering and embracing one's true value. She empowers her readers to overcome self-limiting beliefs and manifest the financial success they deserve. Patty's unwavering commitment to excellence and her long-standing focus on women-owned businesses make her the perfect guide for anyone seeking to reach their full potential. If you want to elevate your business and life, this book is a must-read.”

- T. Falcon Napier

The mastermind behind the ChangeWorks® System, is a globally recognized expert in human-centered change management and a seasoned professional trainer. With 45 years of experience, he has impacted over a million individuals through his vast catalog of live, transformational programs.

“This book is a must-read for any woman looking to take her business to the next level. Patty provides practical strategies and tips, grounded in meaningful stories, to help you identify your hidden advantage and unlock your true value. The exercises throughout the book will challenge you to think deeply about your own skills, experiences, and unique perspectives, and help you turn them into assets that can be leveraged to grow your business. Whether you're just starting out or looking to pivot in a new direction, this book is full of actionable insights and valuable advice that will help you thrive as a woman entrepreneur.”

- Meghann Conter

Founder and Chief Laugh Instigator of The Dames, a global community of women business owners who believe in collaborative growth and women succeeding in uncharted ways.

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