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Interview Patty

Interview Patty

What is Next for Your Business?

You’ve spent decades becoming an expert in your field and building your business. You care deeply about your staff and your clients. You’ve made it this far, delivering excellence and great results. Your clients sing your praises. And yet…


As a high-achieving woman business owner running a 7-figure business, you may be wondering ‘what’s next?’


What about achieving freedom, flexibility, and flow?

  • The freedom to make choices for yourself and your family, and not feel chained to your business with ‘golden handcuffs’ of your own making.

  • The flexibility to live your best life and know you can count on others to deliver, ensuring your legacy.

  • And the flow of enhancing the value and position of your business, to achieve an elegant exit one day.

Whether you are a solopreneur or you lead a team, I can help you fine-tune your operations and scale your revenue for strategic growth, creating real business value and emerging exit ready. That value can transform into wealth when you are ready to exit your company.


Since 2006, I’ve been driven by my mission of empowering women business owners to achieve a more profitable future for their businesses. I believe that wealth in the hands of women elevates society as a whole.

What Does It Take to Become Exit Ready?

Watch the Video and Click the Button Below to Access Your Exit Readiness Index
The Broken Cookie Effect™

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

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