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Want more revenue with less stress?

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Revenue Round Table

It’s all about relationships and leverage:

  • The power of a group of peers, learning and growing together, with trust and discretion at our core.

  • With Patty as your guide, you can shift from pushing on alone to accelerating your business with proven wisdom, strategies and techniques, and dynamic perspectives and insights from the group.

  • Learning a new way - a better way - to increase your revenue:

  1. How to determine and implement your strategic direction

  2. The many ways to increase your revenue with less stress

  3. How to price your services to reflect the real value
  4. How to build your confidence to make these changes
  5. How to communicate these changes confidently and effectively
More Revenue with Less Stress & Better Choices!

What do you gain with more revenue? Power.

  • The power to choose ...

  • The power to overcome limiting beliefs and create change ...
  • The freedom to make choices for yourself and your family ...
  • The flexibility to live your best life and accept only the opportunities you select ...
  • The ability to increase your impact in your community ...
  • The muscle to make your company everything you dream it can be ...

For years, I have seen one issue come up over and over again with my clients: revenue. As women business owners we want our businesses to grow, to pay ourselves and our people well, and to enjoy our lives without being tied to our work.

But that can be hard to do alone. After listening to my clients tell me they would love to have a community to support them, I created the Revenue Roundtable.

The Revenue Roundtable is built around a powerful community of peers. With me as your guide, you can shift from pushing on alone to accelerating your business with proven wisdom, strategies and techniques, and dynamic perspectives and insights from the group.

I developed the Revenue Roundtable to empower you to increase your revenue, so you don't have to struggle through the same trial, error, and frustrations I did!

This meaningful work allows me to fulfill my mission of turning roadblocks into building blocks for women-owned businesses.

How do I know if the Revenue Roundtable is right for me?

Since 2006, I have had the honor of working with women business owners, empowering them to grow and scale their service companies. I become their trusted advisor and an integral member of their team, having experienced and solved many of the same complex issues we face as women.

I teach women, just like you, how to shift their mindset and build their confidence to bring in more revenue with less stress.

I wish I'd had this type of advice early in my business journey and I've seen first-hand the game-changing effects for my clients.

I've also seen patterns and common struggles over the years. This self-assessment can help you determine if the Revenue Roundtable is right for you.

Take This Self-Assessment

On a scale of 0-5, where 0 is never and 5 is always, where do you fall with these shared struggles for women business owners?

Self Assessment

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How did you score?

25-50  Feeling frustrated - like there's GOT to be a better way? You're in the right place! Join us!

16-25  If you're open to new ideas and shifting your mindset, there's a whole new world waiting for you! Join us!

0-15  You'd likely enjoy the Revenue Roundtable but may not need it.

It’s time to   ✦get clear  get strategic  get moving  get profitable

Transformation doesn't come from just learning things; it comes from taking action. Are you ready?

Claim Your Seat at the Table: Roundtable Details

What’s Included?

  • Live, online Revenue Roundtable meetings, twice each month
  • Recordings of all Revenue Roundtable meetings
  • Each Roundtable is limited to 15 members
  • Special Member Spotlight online meetings, featuring a Roundtable member and valuable things they can teach us
  • Enrollment in The Block Group’s Value Driven Pricing program. This core content is the centerpiece of building revenue.

Roundtable Member Bonuses!

  • Substantial discounts on additional The Block Group Programs, including Painless Selling to Ideal Buyers and many others
  • Lifetime access to all The Block Group Programs in which you enroll
  • Ability to lock in your Roundtable Member rate, with continued participation

Criteria for Roundtable Membership

  • You are a woman who owns and operates a service company (consultant, coach, or professional service provider)
  • You've been in business 2-10 years or more
  • You are either a solopreneur or you lead a team of people
  • You have direct relationships with your clients
  • You control what you charge, how you collect payment, and how you spend
  • You want to bring in more money with less stress
  • You care a great deal about integrity, reputation and being independent

This Program is not right for you if ...

  • You own a product-related company (retail, restaurants, wholesale, manufacturing)
  • Your company pursues government contracts or granting organizations
  • You subcontract to other companies as your main source of revenue
  • You are a freelancer or gig worker


I’m currently accepting applications. You can tell me more about your specific goals and I'll be in touch about setting up a meeting.

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