Working with Patty has brought many wonderful, unexpected results! I thought I would be working with someone who could help me manage the daily operations of my company, but it turned out to be so much more. Patty possesses an unusual constellation of ability, industry and integrity.

Patty has brought fresh ideas and perspectives to my business, along with practical solutions. She has been instrumental in helping me hire my team, add automations, and scale my operations. We've shifted to an innovative pricing structure - the first of its kind in the eldercare industry - and I've learned a whole new approach to connecting with prospective clients.

It has been so helpful to have the accountability, wisdom and experience that Patty brings. She is a key member of my team and a driving force in the success of my company.


Bridget Truxillo

Founder, The Truxillo Firm, PLLC

Pamela Radford

President, Legal Media, Inc

Amy Mifflin

CEO, Global Collaborations, Inc.

Sheryl Lyons

Founder & President of Culture Spark

Jane Seger

CEO, Pin Oak Caregivers, LLC

Leslie Farnsworth

CEO, FrogDog Communications

Patricia Patterson

President, Agilis Consulting Group, LLC

Melissa Lemke

Managing Director, Agilis Consulting Group, LLC

Leslea Stock-Lopez

President and founder of star group

"For 15 years my company strategy has worked fairly well but was limited by my own experiences. I didn’t have an advisor helping me think beyond my existing resources.

My goal was to take my company from being basically healthy to being much more defined and profitable. Patty helps me explore new ideas and new ways of evaluating decisions.

Even more importantly, she has inspired me to become much more strategic in my thinking. We have incorporated simple, cost-effective management tools that have had a direct impact on profitability, and we’re fine-tuning the company’s operations, which is having a positive impact at every level." 

Susan Elmore
CEO, Elmore Public Relations 

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