How to Give Employee Feedback Effectively (and Why It Matters)

If you hire and work with employees on a regular basis, you’ll need to provide them with feedback. Feedback, whether positive or negative, informs employees about their performance and gives them an opportunity to improve. However, if you give bad feedback or give feedback in the wrong way, it could end up hurting your working relationships and compromising the effectiveness of your team.

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4 Reasons Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Impact the Bottom Line

If you're a leader, chances are good you've been reading and hearing about emotional intelligence more often than normal lately. Emotional intelligence goes beyond empathy and listening to others. These qualities, while important, are not by themselves going to make you an effective leader. You need self-awareness, courage, the ability to tell people what they don’t want to hear (but need to hear) in the right way, assertiveness and influence. If we have high EQ, not only do we tend to have more self-awareness and mastery of our own emotions, but we also have more social awareness and can adapt our communication style and language to suit our audience and build relationships.

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Building Blocks