Are You Open to Opposing Viewpoints? 3 Tips for Improving Critical Thinking.

The ability to change one’s mind when confronted with new evidence or information — or better yet, the willingness to actively seek out opposing viewpoints — is an important quality needed to be successful in both business and in life. It is crucial for leaders who want to ensure their organization remains innovative and necessary for society to function optimally. All too often, however, we can become insulated from information that runs counter to our existing beliefs.

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Five Tips For Decluttering Your Business Day

Whether in your living room or in your office, clutter can be overwhelming. The Harvard Business Review recently reported that cluttered spaces can impact everything from our sleep and stress levels to our ability to perform during the workday. It’s a common recommendation when it comes to living spaces: Reduce clutter so you can more easily find the items you use on a daily basis and to create a more calming atmosphere overall.

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Building Blocks