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The Best-Kept Secret to Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

Curiosity is a muscle — and that muscle needs to be exercised if you want to be more innovative or deliver on creative work. But as with anything that must be developed or worked on, most of us look for shortcuts. From workouts to productivity tools to grocery shopping … we're all attracted to time-saving hacks that offer fast results and immediate solutions.

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How To Turn The Great Resignation Into The Great Rebound

The past few years of rapid change have forced people to adapt in new and interesting ways—especially at work. For some, it means getting used to working on video calls, trying to professionalize their home offices, or wondering how to keep their families happy. For others, the stress of today's cost of living is wreaking havoc on their finances and sense of security. All in all, it's no wonder employees are behaving in some unusual ways. “Boomeranging” is one such behavior that has emerged.

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5 Tips to Amplify the Way You Conduct Meetings

Are meetings necessary? Conducting a meeting is an integral part of every workplace. It's a way for teams to gather, exchange insights, suggest solutions, share feedback and be aligned with organizational goals. While it can be time-consuming, it also offers the best opportunity for employees to build camaraderie, voice opinions and brainstorm ideas. Simply put, it's an effective way for a company to strategize and regroup altogether.

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