Leaders in Action – Contribution, Impact, and Efficiency

Knowing how to manage time effectively is probably the most important trait of a leader. Focusing on contribution, impact and efficiency are a leader's primary goals. Yet, success is not a one-man-show: a synergy of communication, teamwork, self-development, and development of others are essential markers for productive organizations. 

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Creative Destruction: Why It Matters And How To Implement It

In his landmark book Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, the economist and political scientist Joseph Schumpeter coined the term “creative destruction” — the idea that in a capitalistic society, “the old way” of doing things is constantly getting destroyed or supplanted as it is replaced by a newer, better alternative.

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How to Improve Customer Service and Avoid the Hall of Shame

Delivering good customer service can be tricky for small businesses. It often takes just about everyone working full days to keep processes moving and profits coming in. So when something does go wrong, the team has to scramble to resolve the issue internally in order to right the ship, often requiring an all-hands-on-deck effort.

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