Think You Have a Great Idea? Ask These 6 Questions to Gain Perspective.

It doesn’t take much for us to be energized by new things, whether it’s a product we’re working on, a book proposal, or a process in need of revitalization. Elated by shiny new ideas and excited to move fast, we grab the opportunity to think big and go big. We gather our teams and plunge into action, presenting only the benefits of our brainchild and creating a plan to deliver on its promise. Our goal is to dazzle and persuade while blinding ourselves and others to possible downsides.

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5 SWOT Analysis Examples

A SWOT analysis is an incredibly valuable business tool that you can use at pretty much any time. Doing your own SWOT business competitor analysis can help you recognize where your business is doing well, where improvements are needed and what opportunities are available. SWOT analyses can be done for any sector or industry, making it a versatile business strategy tool. This article will walk you through what a SWOT analysis is, its benefits, and some great examples to help you conduct your own SWOT analysis.

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5 Mistakes Companies Make When They Rush to Hire

As hiring managers fight to recruit talent, speed can play a factor. You want to secure a candidate before someone else does. Unfortunately, a rush to hire leaves the door open for missteps. If a bad fit is onboarded, it can damage your workplace culture.

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How to Respond When an Employee Quits

With over four million people quitting their jobs each month during the first quarter of 2022 and 44% of workers currently looking for new jobs, it’s entirely possible that someone on your team could leave in the near term. And it may not be the person you thought it would be — or hoped it would be. It could come as a total surprise to you and be a key contributor on your team, someone with whom you really enjoy working and who has great potential in your organization. So, how do you respond when this person gives their notice?

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