How to Find Purpose in Your Business Projects

Does a business project need a purpose? Throughout history, there are examples of projects that seemingly held no purpose when initially conceived. Yet, they became wildly successful after they were implemented. From famous buildings to technological innovations, many projects had proven their usefulness over the years. Even when it wasn't apparent what that would be at the time of their conception. Does this mean that a business project should have a purpose when initially conceived? Or does it suggest that good business projects eventually find their place in the world? Considering a goal for a project relies on what the project will ultimately be used for.

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How to Manage Freelancers and Independent Contractors

As the U.S. economy continues to adjust to changing conditions, freelancers have become more valuable to businesses than ever before. Freelancers offer a business numerous benefits. They give you access to skill or talents as you need it, and you only need to pay whatever fee is negotiated upon. The freelancer handles much of the messy HR business and payment affairs that you normally have to handle with an employee. They offer you greater flexibility, and freelancers work remotely, which is an additional benefit for those still concerned about Covid-19.

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