Does Your Business Need a Digital Transformation?

As technology constantly and rapidly changes, many businesses find themselves unable to keep up with the advances. The reality is that digitalization promises to change the way that businesses operate, and a 2019 McKinsey Digital Quotient survey found that 93 percent of executives believe that taking advantage of digital technology is essential for accomplishing strategic goals. Digitization brings new opportunities, improves processes, expands production and many other benefits. Leaders need to work to develop the right systems, structures, and expertise to welcome digitization with open arms.

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4 Mistakes You're Probably Making If You're Struggling to Close a Sale

All new salespeople run into hiccups on their first few sales conversations. Sales is as much of an art as it is a science, and it’s true that practice makes perfect. But if you’re continuing to lose sales time and time again, it may be a telltale sign that some fatal mistakes are being made. According to Pipedrive, “statistics show that around one-third of all salespeople fail to hit their quotas either permanently or from time to time.” By pivoting from these mistakes, a massive ROI can be seen in your business — alongside a boost in your sales confidence!

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