How The Right Incentives Can Help (Almost) Any Player Win

On any team, in sports or business, there are always going to be a few categories of players. There are the superstars and the ones who seem to struggle. There are team players and those who want to own the spotlight (or couldn’t care less), regardless of what’s best for the team. Yet, winning as an organization requires maximizing the potential of everyone on the team.

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How to Navigate the Ambiguity of a Digital Transformation

It is easy to take a reductionist view when thinking about digital transformation. Fix enough of the granular systems that run your finance, logistics, marketing, and HR, and you will eventually reinvent yourself — or so the wishful thinking goes. In truth, when an organization is reborn with machine intelligence at its core, it is not just faster or better than its peers; it becomes different. And different is what you need if you plan to reshape industries and redefine competition in your market.

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4 Flavors of Sales Lessons From the Ice Cream Truck

One of the rites of passage of childhood in many cities is the beloved ice cream truck! In many neighborhoods and city parks, kids come running when they hear an ice cream truck’s familiar tunes. The ice cream truck is an inevitable part of summer, but there’s also a careful sales strategy behind it—and other business owners can learn from it.

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