3 Reasons Why You Should Always Know the Financial Health of Your Business

Entrepreneurs are busy people, and for efficiency’s sake, you need to delegate many tasks that others can do just as well as you can. Outsourcing is cost-efficient, as long as it makes sense — particularly for administrative tasks such as creating graphics, social media posting and other tasks that can be performed just as well by someone else at a lower rate so you can focus more on what makes you money.

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4 Strategies for Better Group Decision-Making

We all know that teams typically outperform individuals. Teams tend to perform better not only because they devote more people to work on a task but also because they bring together various set of skills and perspectives to create a multiplying effect. More minds are better than one, right? Not always.

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How to Foster Innovation in Your Workplace

The ability to innovate is the difference between driving change and following a competitor’s disruption. But there’s no blueprint for building an innovative team. Both industry-wide and in your business, skillsets and the mix of talent are always evolving.

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Why Should You Set SMART Goals?

What does every successful person, from an Olympian to a business mogul to a third-grader who aced her spelling test, have in common? They set a goal, and that goal served as a guiding post for their decisions and their training leading up to it.

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