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Have you found your hidden advantage? As a business advisor and pricing expert, I believe that consistent business success comes from unlocking your hidden advantage, making informed decisions, communicating powerfully, and taking calculated action.

Since 2006, I have empowered women business owners who are experts in their fields to turn up their power to price, sell, and run their businesses on their own terms. This means fine-tuning their operations, attracting right-fit clients, and boosting their revenue.

As their trusted advisor, I bring a unique perspective, having experienced and solved many of the same complex issues we face as women and as leaders.

Over the years, I have recognized patterns and roadblocks women face. We struggle with ingrained beliefs and behaviors that keep us constantly doubting ourselves, struggling to find the “right” path forward, and often feeling disappointed in our business.

My mission is helping women unlock their Hidden Advantage™ – their special ability that builds value in their businesses. Equipped with a new perspective and proven, practical solutions, my clients unleash their inner power to run their businesses with less stress and more joy, achieving a more profitable future.

I consider myself a native Texan, even though I wasn’t born here. I got to Texas as fast as I could (at age four) and am based in Houston. I raised three wonderful humans who all caught the entrepreneurial bug and have their own successful businesses.

Approaching each step in my career with an entrepreneurial spirit, I have:

  • Successfully operated a business as an independent lobbyist and political consultant

  • Served as the legislative coordinator and charitable foundation director for First Interstate Bank of Texas

  • Adeptly filled multiple leadership roles in operations and development at a prominent international school

My passion and experience come full circle with The Block Group, turning roadblocks into building blocks for women-owned businesses.

Building Blocks

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