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In 2006, I created The Block Group to empower women business owners who are experts in their fields. As their trusted advisor, I bring a unique perspective, having experienced and solved many of the same complex issues we face as women, as leaders, as moms, daughters and sisters.


62% of women rely on their businesses for their primary income, yet 88% of these businesses generate less than $100,000 in annual revenue.


Having seen the same struggles time and again, I teach women how to shift their mindset and build their confidence to generate more revenue with less stress by reimagining pricing and selling. 


I’m a firm believer that, when women earn more, everyone around them benefits - their staff, their family and their community.

This meaningful work allows me to fulfill my mission of turning roadblocks into building blocks for women-owned businesses.

What do you gain with more revenue? Power.

  • The power to choose ...

  • The power to overcome limiting beliefs and create change ...

  • The freedom to make choices for yourself and your family ...

  • The flexibility to live your best life and accept only the opportunities you select ...

  • The ability to increase your impact in your community ...

  • The muscle to make your company everything you dream it can be ...

I’ve approached each step in my career with an entrepreneurial spirit:

  • from successfully operating a business as an independent lobbyist and political consultant

  • to serving as both the Legislative Coordinator and the Charitable Foundation Director for First Interstate Bank of Texas

  • to adeptly filling multiple leadership roles at a leading international school, including Director of Operations and Development.


While my career started in political consulting and lobbying, my first love was anthropology, researching primates. In truth, there are more similarities working with politicians than you might imagine! I’ve also been a corporate cog-in-the-wheel and a non-profit executive, but I’m an entrepreneur at heart.


Clients often refer to me as their “business therapist” and “secret weapon” because I form strong relationships, understand and refine their company’s internal workings, and serve as a strategic sounding board.

I’ve raised three wonderful humans and have now welcomed their partners into our family. My kids have the entrepreneurial bug too and I’m so proud of them!

My life journey--the good and the bad--allows me to course-correct clients by leading and advising with compassion, empathy and quiet resolve. The result is a partnership of unbiased accountability, helping women position their companies--financially, operationally, technologically--for game-changing results.


It’s time to get clear get strategic get moving get profitable. 

Transformation doesn't come from just learning things; it comes from taking action.

Are you ready?

Building Blocks

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