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Noticing With

Patty Block

— The Noticed Network's Amy Johnson

Noticing With Patty Block

— The Noticed Network's Amy Johnson

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The Noticed Network's Amy Johnson

On this episode of Noticing With I get to talk with Patty Block.

Patty is a business advisor and pricing expert who empowers women business owners.  She has just launched her book Your Hidden Advantage -- as she shares in this episode being a mom and a daughter has been central to who she is and why she has chosen to impact the world around her in such a positive way. And I am grateful to call her my friend. 

I first came to know Patty about 3 years ago as we were part of a masterlab organized by Michael Roderick.  This masterlab consisted of several AMAZING thought leaders and focused on content creation.  We met once a week via zoom to ideate, strategize, and refine the content that we were individually creating. It was here where I first began to appreciate Patty’s clear and effective process and her heart for helping women.

Over the last few years Patty has generously shared the gifts of her time and expertise with me as I have developed my own content and grown my businesses, and these gifts are priceless to me!

Just this past week Patty launched her book, titled Your Hidden Advantage and it is currently Amazon #1 New Release in 5 categories! I’ve read the book and I find it so inspiring and helpful!!!

Her book ( just like this interview), inspires me to look at life and business through a different lens.

One of my favorite things about Patty is how she shows up with confidence and kindness.  She is a great example to me of how woman can enjoy thriving in business and in life 

There are so many impactful talking points in this episode, like how we can leverage intuition and perception.  I enjoyed this conversation so much and I think you will, too!

Check out this message from Patty with links to the powerful resources she is offering:

Are you giving 'invisible' discounts to prospects who didn't ask for them? The anxiety you feel during a sales conversation manifests when you slash your price because you're afraid you'll lose the sale. Patty has broken down exactly why this 'discount dilemma' happens in an exclusive training called The Value Equation, which you can get for FREE by signing up for the bonuses that are companion pieces for Patty’s book, Your Hidden Advantage.

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