Interview Patty

Beating The Broken Cookie Effect with
Patty Block

— Hourly to Exit with Erin Austin

Beating The Broken Cookie Effect with
Patty Block

— Hourly to Exit with Erin Austin

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How many of us who provide our services as a business actually think in terms of profit? The timing couldn't be better for my conversation with Patty Block. An expert herself, Patty works with female expertise-based service providers on being intentional in their business models, transitioning from transactional to transformative pricing structures, and better understanding how to integrate profit into their revenue model.

We’ll cover:

  • The biggest difference between being a business owner and an employee

  • Surprise! You already have a business model, but does it really fit your unique business value and needs?

  • The benefits of value-driven pricing and the burdens of hourly billing

  • Recent recession trends and how to fight the impulse to “ride it out.”

  • As a bonus, you’ll hear the parable of the broken cookie – take it to heart!


I so appreciated Patty’s insights, and she really reminded us that knowing your value is not bragging, it’s the key to a profitable business on your own terms. And when you’re ready to talk about your own pricing structure, let’s talk about valuing your IP.


Connect with Erin to strategize how you might use an online community to help make your business scalable and saleable. hourlytoexit.com/podcast.


Erin's LinkedIn Page: www.linkedin.com/in/erinaustin/


Think Beyond IP YouTube Page: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVztXnDYnZ83oIb-EGX9IGA/videos

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Patty Block teaches women business owners who are experts in their fields how to turn up their power to price, sell and run their business on their own terms. This means fine-tuning their operations and scaling their revenue for strategic growth. As their trusted advisor, she brings a unique perspective, having experienced and solved many of the same complex issues women face, as leaders, moms, daughters and sisters. Forming a partnership of unbiased accountability, she helps women position their companies--financially, operationally, technologically--for game-changing results. Patty raised three fantastic kids, all of whom are business owners and also work in Patty’s company (she essentially raised her own workforce!)


We would love it if you would consider supporting Patty’s charity of choice: https://girlsinc.org/

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Resources Mentioned:

Patty’s Revenue Roadblocks Quiz will help you discover what's in your way and how to knock down those roadblocks! https://www.theblockgroup.net/my-revenue-roadblocks


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