Interview Patty

Turning Roadblocks Into Building Blocks

— Fireside Strategic with Dan King

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Since 2006, Patty has worked with women business owners who are experts in their fields. She has helped them flourish and scale their companies. “It makes me think a lot about what we as women are facing in terms of the challenges,” she says.

Patty shared that 62% of women rely on their business for their primary income and 88% of those businesses make less than 100k annually. With this, she made it her mission to help women generate more revenue with less stress; and pricing based on the value of their competence and experience.

She believes that effective pricing should not be about one’s worth but about building value in the mind of your ideal buyer. “It’s not just about raising your prices; it’s about understanding what your buyers value.”

As a self-professed introvert, she loves to read books and listen to podcasts during her quiet times. 


Building Blocks

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