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Balance vs Optimism

— The Empowering Process Podcast With Gail Kraft

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What happens when you are focused on struggles rather than opportunities in your life?

What does it mean when you are going through the steps while slowly losing touch with who you are?

What can you do when you are struggling to find balance between optimism vs reality?

Gail and her guest, Patty Block, discuss moments in their life where these questions were real and how they navigated to find the life that was waiting for them.

Together, they share their experiences and their tools they use to help you develop strategies that lead you to realize the dream you dare to dream.

Patty Block, Founder of The Block Group, helps women business owners who are experts in their fields fine-tune their operations and scale their revenue for strategic growth, so they can generate more revenue with less stress.

My Revenue Roadblocks Quiz will help you discover what's in your way and how to knock down those roadblocks!

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