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Episode 284: Patty Block – Overcoming Roadblocks

Turning Roadblocks into Building Blocks with Patty Block

How Patty Block helps women turn roadblocks into building blocks and grow their small businesses. She also shares her personal journey, from her initial career as a political consultant and lobbyist to launching her current business serving the needs of women-owned small businesses.


Patty Block is an entrepreneur, business coach, and author. Patty established her company, The Block Group, in 2006 to bring a unique perspective to the complex issues that confront women business owners. It is her mission to turn roadblocks into building blocks, and empowering other women. Clients often refer to Patty as their “business therapist” and “secret weapon.” By establishing long-term relationships and serving as a strategic sounding board, clients experience direct benefits to create real and lasting change.


Patty is the author of “Road to Results – Charting the Course for Impactful, Sustainable, Profitable Businesses”.


Patty lives in the Houston, Texas area.


Some key takeaways from this interview with Patty include:

  • She considered her worst-case scenario when she started her business. Worst case, she would simply return to the workforce and get another job.

  • She put herself in a financial position that allowed her to start her business and have two years to build it.

  • “I am not a big fan of waiting until,” Patty explains as it relates to her launching her second small business.

  • Patty believes there are "Those who let things happen and those who make things happen."

  • The Power of Connecting – not just traditional business networking. It’s about building relationships.

  • Three common roadblocks for women that can hinder them from growing their businesses:

  • Undervaluing Yourself – are you pricing appropriately? Patty shares some advice on how to raise your prices.

  • Lack of Confidence – women need to develop the confidence, particularly with new things like sales. Patty shares specific techniques for improving your sales skills.

  • Don’t Know What We Don’t Know – which leads to being reactive instead of proactive.

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