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Unleash Your Hidden Advantage With Author Patty Block

Sales Made Easy Podcast

Unleash Your Hidden Advantage With Author Patty Block

Sales Made Easy Podcast

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Patty Block is a successful woman business owner who has recently released her first book, Your Hidden Advantage, which focuses on helping women generate more revenue with less stress. Harry Spaight, the host of the podcast, has invited her to the show to discuss her journey of personal growth and business success without resorting to pushy sales tactics.

Patty is an entrepreneur and author who has been serving women business owners since 2006. Patty believes that life is not a straight line and that it is important to make hard decisions even when you're caught off-guard.

Patty shared her experience of becoming a single mother, with a heavy focus on raising good human beings. Her parents and siblings were a major source of emotional support, and her relationships with her children is very symbiotic. They are all three business owners. Her recently deceased mother was a major influence and her book is a tribute to her. Patty believes that women can use the skills they have developed in their lives to help them in their business.

You can find Patty at www.yourhiddenadvantage.com, where you can buy the book and access free bonuses that are companion pieces to the book.

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