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Beating The Broken Cookie Effect with
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If you’re a regular listener here, you know about once a month I present a themed conversation with the Women in Strong Leadership Lisa Pachence, Audrey Holst, and Patty Block. Those insightful and valuable conversations can be found on this channel, What Has My Attention.


Our last conversation together and published episode was in June 2022, episode 49 titled “How to Pioneer in Business feat. Audrey Holst, Lisa Pachence, and Patty Block.


We have more episodes in the can to be released, which you can look forward to hearing soon.


Before the four of us started our series, Patty and I first had a conversation which you can hear in episode 36. The episode was titled “Beating The Broken Cookie Effect(™): Price for Value and Stop Settling for Crumbs” where Patty shared her business story. The link to the episode is here https://www.whathasmyattention.com/36 


Patty offered to help me with my business story and we decided to record it as an episode here. I hope you find it as valuable for yourself as I have for myself.


So let’s start first with Patty telling her business story.


WISL 48 Stepping into Your Power

May 25, 2022

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