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279 - In Order for Your Business to Grow, You Need to Turn Down Customers

If you're trying to build a long-term, successful business, you need to build a strong reputation with satisfied customers. In order to build a strong reputation, you need to be both selective with your initial client base and resist the urge to scale before you've mastered your product delivery.

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278 - 3 Ways to Make Continued Learning a Priority in Your Life

What do Barack Obama, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates all have in common? Well, besides being wildly successful in their respective fields, they all commit to reading at least five hours each week and contend that depriving yourself of the learning opportunity of reading is irresponsible. That's a pretty strong point of view.

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277 - 4 Major Signs Your Leadership Skills Need Attention

Imagine being physically and mentally disturbed by the thought of walking into work. This is the reality for too many employees and it primarily stems from the incapable leaders they work under every day. These leaders treat others poorly placing far too much emphasis on their own well-being. Their lethargic attitude about their role is directly and detrimentally linked to the growth potential of their team.

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