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262 - Avoid Intellectual Debt In The New Year

We all accrue intellectual debt: notebook records instead of detailed logs, updated spreadsheets rather than new databases, four different systems instead of a single streamlined one. We justify these little shortcuts in the name of time and money, hoping they won’t snowball into bigger problems.

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261 - 6 Ways to Use the Holiday Season to Your Advantage

You can always develop your career if you really want and believe it or not holidays are perfect for it. During the holiday season, it is easier to get in touch with people because you have a perfectly valid reason for it. Therefore, it is up to you to use this excuse and advance your career. Below you can find tips for making the most of this holiday season.

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259 - 3 Signs Your Lending Relationship May not be Working

When it comes to running a company, nothing is more important than its financial health and stability. For businesses looking to grow or expand, having the right financial partner in place is critical, both to smooth a path for growth and help manage the peaks and valleys that often wreak havoc with a business’ bottom line.

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