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The Accountable You

Consider this quote from Henry Ford: "Vision without execution is just hallucination."

This made me laugh – only because it is true! How do you provide accountability to yourself, your staff and your clients?

My ‘Top-Ten Accountable You List’ applies to your business as well as your staff and client relationships:

  1. Understand your goals
  2. Establish priorities and timeframes
  3. Set and manage expectations
  4. Foster open communication
  5. Be pro-active, not reactive
  6. Don’t take things personally
  7. Motivate & empower team members
  8. Be consistent
  9. Follow the mantra: who does what by when?
  10. Work with a business coach or advisor

Ensure that you execute a solid business strategy, empower your staff and impress your clients on a daily basis.  A leader who is not accountable is called a follower!

The Block Group advocates for women-owned businesses, helping them position their companies for strategic growth.

Charting the course for impactful, sustainable, profitable businesses, the beacon is control:  of your strategic direction, your money, your time, your staffing, and your ability to bring in business.

Applying this holistic approach to business, The Block Group guides organizations through the business cycle, revitalizing management and promoting growth.  We bring together the people, resources and ideas that build results.

All the best! 

Patty Block

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