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The Magic of Needle and Thread

April 30, 2024

“Shears, not scissors”, he growled. The giant metal shears were so heavy I could barely hold them, let alone use them.

A talented tailor, my great-grandfather stood next to me in a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, stooped over, with a permanent scowl on his face.

What must he have thought of this 9-year-old girl who only spoke English and wasn’t strong enough to hold the shears?

My great-grandmother, a skilled seamstress, made up for her husband’s gruffness with warm smiles and big hugs.

I loved twirling around in the beautiful clothes they made for me, feeling like Cinderella going to the ball and imagining those heavy shears were really a magic wand.

To this day, I still have those antique shears and the exquisite dresses they made for me. When my daughter was small, she loved wearing those dresses too – especially knowing her great-great-grandparents made them.

Today’s Question:

How can you put the metaphor of the little black dress to work for yourself?

But Here’s the Twist
. . .

A few years later, I would be making all my own clothes, scaling down adult patterns, and happily creating my own designs.

Running like a needle and thread through my life is feeling empowered by having choices. It’s what I’ve accomplished for myself and what I want every woman to experience.

Who needs Cinderella when you can be the Fairy Godmother? She’s the one with the real magic.

Practical, versatile, and classic, the little black dress became the favorite thing in my closet. I could add pearls or a splash of color, stylish shoes and a matching belt.

The little black dress symbolizes everything I believe about helping women business owners achieve an Elegant Exit™. It requires a new way of thinking, new skills, and a simple and elegant design.

Now What?

The little black dress is a metaphor with so many important things to teach us:

  • The importance of simplicity
  • Striving for elegance
  • Serving a purpose
  • Highlighting your individuality and self-expression
  • Stepping out of the shadows to acknowledge your real value

But a metaphor only has meaning if we can put the lessons to work.

Intentionally building value and positioning your company for your exit is a solid business strategy. While you are planning your transition, you will make more money, lift the burden of the business from your shoulders, and find balance between work and leisure.

Women who have successfully exited their business have shared with me that the most successful way forward was having a trusted, knowledgeable business advisor who could be objective and caring.

That’s the role I fill, helping the owner with the practical, emotional, confidential, and logistical puzzles that plague the exit process.

Even if your planned exit is 5-10 years down the line, the time to prepare is now. Contact me to learn more. 

Discover your Exit Readiness Index™ with this assessment: http://she-exits.com/

A Note from Patty...

My life’s work is empowering high-achieving women business owners to fine-tune their operations and scale their revenue for strategic growth, creating real business value and emerging exit ready. That value can transform into wealth when they are ready to exit their company - and I believe that wealth in the hands of women elevates society as a whole.

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