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No Hiding

January 02, 2024

Walk down almost any fashionable street and you’ll see them. Star-studded films and photo galleries are brimming with them. They come in hundreds of varieties and yet, the single item has been called ‘timeless, chic, and iconic’.

For almost a hundred years, designer Coco Chanel’s most famous creation has been a fashion staple for women all over the world.

But it is so much more to me…

The little black dress symbolizes everything I believe about helping women business owners achieve an Elegant Exit™. It starts with creating your own pattern, keeping it simple, and developing a new way of thinking, with new skills.

Contemporary designer, Mimi Plange, describes exactly what the little black dress means for me:

"I believe the little black dress is a quiet, yet dynamic gesture of individuality. Its curve, silhouette, and structure are articulated through line, proportion, and repetitious pattern. No layers, no gimmicks, and no hiding - only you, in a modern and classic state of refined and clear self- expression."

Today’s Question:

How can you bring the simplicity and elegance of the little black dress to a life-changing transition, like your business exit?

But Here’s the Twist
. . .

The words that strike me most strongly in Ms. Plange’s description are “no hiding”.

I talk about this idea in my book:

“Purposely hiding topics that make us uncomfortable is a regular occurrence for most of us. We tend to downplay or hide our achievements, our stories, and our value from anyone we fear will judge us. So that’s essentially everyone.

Unintentionally, aspects of our value may be hidden even from ourselves. For example, many years ago, a client told me how much she valued that I was consistently calm. She recounted times she had contacted me feeling “totally freaked out” and how I helped her approach situations from a different perspective. It wasn’t apparent to me that my calmness was a valuable business asset!”

-- Excerpt from Patty’s book, Your Hidden Advantage: Unlock the Power to Attract Right-fit Clients and Boost Your Revenue

Now What?

The little black dress is a metaphor with so many important things to teach us:

  • The importance of simplicity
  • Striving for elegance
  • Serving a purpose
  • Highlighting your individuality and self-expression
  • Stepping out of the shadows to acknowledge your real value


But a metaphor only has meaning if we can put the lessons to work.

At some point, you will exit your business, whether it’s voluntary or not. If you needed to step away from your business today, due to a health problem or a family issue, would your company fall apart?

Are you leaving your life’s work, your impact, and your legacy in the hands of fate?

Even if your planned exit is 5-10 years down the line, the time to prepare is now.

Intentionally building value and positioning your company for your exit is a solid business strategy. While you are planning your transition, you will make more money, lift the burden of the business from your shoulders, and find balance between work and leisure.

I firmly believe – and have built my business around – the idea that business success and wealth in the hands of women elevates society as a whole.

An Elegant Exit™ requires a new way of thinking, new skills, a simple and elegant design, and an advocate on your side. Contact me to learn more.

Discover your Exit Readiness Index™ with this assessment: http://she-exits.com/

How can you bring the simplicity and elegance of the little black dress to a life-changing transition, like your business exit?

'd love to hear what you think.  I read and respond to every email personally.

A Note from Patty...

My life’s work is empowering high-achieving women business owners to fine-tune their operations and scale their revenue for strategic growth, creating real business value and emerging exit ready. That value can transform into wealth when they are ready to exit their company - and I believe that wealth in the hands of women elevates society as a whole.

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