Are Year-End Payment Problems Hurting Your Business?

It's Important to Take Steps to Protect Your Business.


Americans love to spend money during the holiday season, and a lot of that money finds its way into the coffers of small businesses. The average small or midsized business earns a whopping 20% of its annual revenues in the weeks between Thanksgiving and December 31, according to a new survey. Small and midsized businesses that sell products (as opposed to services) earn 28 percent of their annual revenues during that period.

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10 Incredibly Useful Human Resource Policies for Small Businesses

Human Resource Policies are Essential to a Functioning Office Environment.


Human resource policies are essential to a functioning office environment. These policies clearly state the rules and processes that team members must follow, along with what might happen if they don’t follow the stated procedures. Essentially, human resource policies help to keep everyone in a business on the same page so there’s no guesswork or surprises.

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5 Career Secrets Women Need to Know

What do successful women know that you don’t (yet)? How did they make it to the top? What are their secrets?


We spoke to thousands of successful women for our book The Influence Effect: A New Path to Power for Women Leaders and discovered the five P’s that helped them get there: purpose, presence, preparation, power and positivity.

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Help Your Team Members Succeed (Especially When They're Tempted to Leave)

Help that valued employee being lured by another opportunity think through what they are leaving behind.


For a rising star, few things are more exciting than a big pay raise to work at a thriving new company. However, not every higher-paying job is worth taking. Bad cultures, long hours and company instability can all turn a promising opportunity into a living nightmare.

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