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What’s Next for Your Business?

October 03, 2023

Not long ago, I invited a small group of seasoned women business owners to talk about future-proofing their businesses.

These experts in accounting, law, financial services, marketing, and corporate training had conquered the challenges of their respective fields, accumulating wealth and wisdom over the years.

We were all eager to share our stories and ideas for moving forward. I felt the comfort, trust, and excitement in the air.

Would you like to attend a meeting like this? 

Today’s Question:

"How can you future-proof your business in a rapidly changing world?"

 And what does 'future-proof' even mean?

Is it about anticipating every change and challenge, or is it something more elusive, like adaptability and resilience?

Ultimately, our group decided there was no one-size-fits-all definition. Future-proofing could be as unique as each business owner's journey.

But Here’s the Twist . . .


As we went deeper into our conversation, more questions emerged.


  • “What if we embrace change as a constant?”

Could we transform our organizations into agile firms that thrive on change rather than fearing it?

This notion opened up a world of possibilities. We began to explore how we could foster a culture of innovation, where change was not a threat but an opportunity waiting to be seized.


  • “How can we stay relevant in a shifting landscape?”

With technology and trends evolving at breakneck speed, staying relevant was a common concern. But rather than seeking quick fixes, we asked: How can we continuously evolve and stay ahead of the curve?

We discussed the idea of "future-casting" rather than forecasting. What if we each painted a vivid picture of the future we want to create for our businesses, clients, and industries? And what if we rally our teams to work toward that vision?


  • “Can we turn competition into collaboration?”

Could we turn our competitors into collaborators? What if we formed alliances and partnerships that were mutually beneficial? Could we share resources, knowledge, and insights to collectively tackle industry challenges?

The idea of creating ecosystems of businesses working together was intriguing. We saw potential in this approach, where everyone could thrive by lifting each other up.


  • “What if we became masters of adaptation?”

Instead of seeking a single strategy to future-proof our businesses, could we develop the ability to pivot swiftly in response to changing circumstances, just as nature adapts to different seasons?

We agreed that adaptability is a skill to hone, not a destination to reach. It requires a mindset shift, an openness to experimentation, and a willingness to learn from both successes and failures.


  • “How do we harness the power of purpose?”

What if our businesses were driven not only by profits but by a higher purpose? Could we align our values and missions with the needs of our communities and the world at large?

This led to an exciting discussion about creating positive social impact and leaving a lasting legacy through our businesses.


  • “Are we ready to embrace the unpredictable?”

The final question was perhaps the most profound. Could we find excitement in the uncertainty, viewing it as an adventure waiting to unfold?

Now What?


We ended the meeting feeling invigorated, talking about the future as an opportunity to shape our businesses in ways we never imagined.

Future-proofing your business is not about finding definitive answers – it’s about asking the right questions.

It is a journey of exploration, innovation, and adaptation, led by our curiosity and newfound perspective.

What’s next for your business?

If you’d like to attend this meeting on
November 2, 2023, please read on…

The What's Next Roundtable™: An Interactive Conversation for Women Experts Who Wonder What’s Next for Their Business

If you’ve ever wondered what’s next for your business, whether it’s expansion, new markets, or positioning for your exit, that’s the essence of this conversation.

There is no cost to attend and there will be no pitches. We'll have an informal panel to foster the conversation and opportunities for attendees to interact with each other.

I firmly believe – and have built my business around – the idea that business success and wealth in the hands of women elevates society as a whole. 

It concerns me that very few women are planning for what’s next. That leaves our life’s work, our impact, and our legacy in the hands of fate. We may be just one bad diagnosis away from losing our business entirely. I’ve been there. 

In my view, this is a much-needed discussion we may be putting off, busy handling all the things right in front of us. Now is the time to think and talk about ‘what's next’ for your business.

If you'd like to join the conversation, please complete the Exit Readiness Index™ (ERI) with this assessment: http://she-exits.com/

You’ll receive an email with your ERI results and a link to register for the Roundtable, which is on November 2, 2023 at 10 am Central, for 90 minutes.

Your results provide the foundation for the discussion, so please bring your ERI Category to the Roundtable.

Even if you are not interested in exiting your business, this will help you figure out where you are on your business journey and give you some ideas about building real business value.

This clearer picture will inform your ‘what’s next’. I'm excited to see you on November 2!

All the best, Patty

P.S. Remember to complete the Exit Readiness Index™ with this assessment: http://she-exits.com/  Once you do, you'll receive your results and a link to register for the Roundtable.

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Patty Block

My life’s work is empowering high-achieving women business owners to fine-tune their operations and scale their revenue for strategic growth, creating real business value and emerging exit ready. That value can transform into wealth when they are ready to exit their company - and I believe that wealth in the hands of women elevates society as a whole.

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