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Women Don’t Retire

September 05, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of the next chapter in your life?

Yes, you love your business, your people, and your clients. That sense of purpose you’ve found in your work is real. The impact you have on those around you is meaningful.

But someday, you may want to do something different, perhaps more creative and fun.

In all the conversations I’ve had with accomplished women, I rarely hear they are dreaming of retiring. Their dreams are centered around purpose, impact, and legacy.

That is why I love working with women business owners in this stage, helping plan an elegant exit.

Elegance is about reaching your goals with dignity, grace, and integrity. It’s about leaving a legacy for those you care most about, including your staff and clients. It’s about starting your next chapter in the most meaningful way and inspiring others to follow your lead.

Your exit can lead to wealth if you choose to sell your company, but an elegant exit can’t happen by accident. It takes clarity, intention, and discipline.


Today’s Question:

Have you ever dreamed of the next chapter in your life? What kind of transition do you envision?

But Here’s the Twist
. . .

In my experience, women don't retire; they transition into a new stage of purpose and impact. Whether you are 40 or 60, the idea of retirement may not appeal to you. Just because you can retire doesn’t mean you’ll want to.

Women who are high achievers typically love the feeling of meaningful engagement. We love to help others, have a positive impact on those around us, and want to be liked and admired.

But we can redefine ‘retirement’ and think of your eventual business exit as a ‘purposeful transition’.

Now What?

In fact, women are rewriting the narrative and embracing a new paradigm that recognizes their value and contribution, regardless of age.


1. Redefining Retirement:


Rather than seeing retirement as an endpoint, women are redefining it as a new beginning - a phase of life that allows for personal growth, exploration, and the pursuit of passions. It's a time to leverage decades of expertise and experience to make a positive impact in new and meaningful ways. By shifting our mindset and embracing the idea that retirement is not an end but a transition, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities.


2. Transitioning into Mentorship and Coaching Roles:


After years of building successful businesses and becoming experts in our fields, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Transitioning into mentorship and coaching roles allows us to pass on our wisdom to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals. By becoming mentors and coaches, we can make a lasting impact on the lives and careers of others, while finding personal fulfillment in the process.


3. Pursuing Passion Projects and Philanthropy:


Retirement provides an opportunity to pursue passion projects and engage in philanthropic endeavors. It's a time to explore new interests, hobbies, and causes that align with our values. Whether it's starting a nonprofit organization, volunteering, or supporting charitable initiatives, women can use their skills, resources, and networks to make a positive difference in their communities and the world at large.


4. Embracing Entrepreneurship:


Retirement doesn't mean we have to step away from entrepreneurship altogether. Many women choose to start new businesses or engage in entrepreneurial ventures during this phase of life. It's an opportunity to pursue ventures that are driven by passion and purpose rather than solely financial gain. Entrepreneurship in retirement allows for flexibility, creativity, and the chance to contribute to the economy while enjoying the benefits of autonomy and fulfillment.


5. Continued Professional Development:


Retirement should not be a time to stop learning and growing. Instead, it's an opportunity to engage in continued professional development. Women can attend conferences, workshops, and seminars to stay updated with industry trends and advancements. Additionally, pursuing certifications or further education in new areas of interest can open doors to exciting opportunities and expand our knowledge base.


6. Balancing Work and Leisure:


While retirement provides the freedom to explore new things, it's also essential to strike a balance between work and leisure. Women can create a lifestyle that allows for flexibility and personal fulfillment while still taking time for rest, relaxation, and self-care. By prioritizing self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we can sustain our energy, well-being, and passion for the activities we choose to pursue.


7. Building a Supportive Network:


As women redefining retirement, it's crucial to surround ourselves with a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Seek out communities and organizations that celebrate and empower women in this phase of life. Connect with other accomplished women business owners and professionals who are also navigating purposeful transitions. This network can provide inspiration, guidance, and collaboration opportunities as you embark on your next chapter.

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Have you ever dreamed of the next chapter in your life? What kind of transition do you envision?


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