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Don’t Be the Solution

August 22, 2023

Jodie was frantic. She was making calls and dashing off emails as fast as she could. One of her largest clients had booked a three-day training that was a thousand miles away.

Flights were booked, trainers were coordinated, and expectations were set. Then Jodie got the call… her lead trainer had broken her foot that morning!

Jodie's first reaction was to drop everything she was doing and book a flight for herself. She would jump in to save the day because that's what the boss does, right?

Jodie’s next call was to me - to let me know what was happening and to cancel one of our meetings. That gave me a chance to calm her down and help her gain some perspective.

As the leader of the company, it's her job to find the solution, not to be the solution.

Once that sank in and we started troubleshooting the situation, within a few hours she had reworked the training team, alerted the client, and had everything under control.

She didn't have to fly off to lead the training and sacrifice her priorities. She empowered her team with her leadership skills. I could feel Jodie's relief through the phone!

Today’s Question:

What is your leadership style? Your role as a business leader goes beyond being the solution to every problem. In fact, your true value lies in your ability to find the solution, to empower your team, and to cultivate a culture of innovation.

But Here’s the Twist . . .

To be the leader we want and need to be, it takes intention, practice, and consistency. Starting with intent, how do you want to be perceived? What are the core standards you want your team to embody?

Now What?

I recommend starting with seven key ingredients:

  1. Overcoming the "Superwoman" Syndrome:

As women who have spent decades becoming experts in our fields, it's natural for us to feel the pressure of being the ultimate problem-solvers. We are used to taking on multiple roles and responsibilities, juggling countless tasks and decisions. However, this mindset can lead to burnout and limit the growth of our businesses. By acknowledging that it's not our sole responsibility to be the solution, we open opportunities for collaboration and delegation.


  1. Fostering a Culture of Innovation:

To truly thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, we must foster a culture of innovation within our organizations. This means encouraging our teams to actively contribute their ideas, perspectives, and expertise. By giving up the need to be the solution, we create space for diverse thinking and problem-solving. Encourage open communication, provide platforms for idea-sharing, and celebrate risk-taking and creativity. When everyone feels empowered to find solutions, the possibilities for growth and success multiply.


  1. Empowering Others to Take Ownership:

One of the keys to finding the solution is to empower others within our organizations to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities. Delegation is not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of effective leadership. By entrusting our teams with decision-making authority and encouraging them to find solutions, we foster a sense of ownership and accountability. This not only relieves us of the burden of being the sole problem-solver but also cultivates a more engaged and motivated workforce.


  1. Leveraging Collective Intelligence:

As business owners who have assembled talented teams, we possess a wealth of collective intelligence that can be tapped into. By leveraging the diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives of our employees, we can arrive at more innovative and effective solutions. Create opportunities for collaboration, encourage cross-functional teams, and provide a platform for idea-sharing. By embracing the power of collective intelligence, we unlock new possibilities and propel our businesses forward.


  1. Seeking External Expertise:

While we may be experts in our respective fields, there will always be situations where seeking external expertise is necessary. Recognize that finding the solution does not mean finding it alone. Engage with consultants, industry experts, and mentors who can provide fresh perspectives and insights. Collaborate with other business owners in your industry or network to exchange ideas and learn from their experiences. By tapping into external expertise, we expand our knowledge base and gain valuable insights that can lead to breakthrough solutions.


  1. Embracing Continuous Learning:

In the quest to find the solution, it's essential to embrace continuous learning as a lifelong journey. As business owners who have already achieved significant success, it's easy to become complacent. However, as the business environment evolves, we must continuously update our skills, knowledge, and understanding. Encourage your team members to pursue professional development opportunities, invest in training programs, and create a culture of learning within your organization. By embracing continuous learning, we stay ahead of the curve and uncover new solutions to complex challenges.


  1. Emphasizing the Power of Collaboration and Communication:


Finding the solution requires effective collaboration and communication within our organizations. Encourage open dialogue, active listening, and constructive feedback. Create platforms for regular team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and knowledge sharing. By fostering a collaborative environment, we tap into the collective wisdom of our teams and enable them to find innovative solutions. Effective communication ensures that everyone is aligned, focused, and motivated to work towards shared goals.

It's not your job to be the solution - but it is your role to be an effective leader who helps your team find the solution.

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What is your leadership style? Doesn’t your role as a business leader go beyond being the solution to every problem?

I'd love to hear what you think.  I read and respond to every email personally.

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