95 - 4 Success Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Business…And Your Life

Sometimes simple practices--done consistently--can change your business. These habits can also spill over into your personal life, making every part of your day better. Just as a proper diet and regular exercise can improve your physical health, adopting "success" habits can improve your career and business health.

I recently read an article that illustrated that point by, psychologist Sherrie Campbell who wrote, "Successful people strongly believe in something and are driven to manifest it. Their path is so strong that it keeps them true to their ideas and principles, despite the inevitable times of adversity and disagreements."

Get a cup of coffee and take time to learn some of the success habits that will dramatically improve your business:

1. Be true to your passion

This may seem obvious, but bears repeating. Successful people love what they do, and then do it to make a difference in others' lives. You can't fake enthusiasm for a business that isn't in line with your values. The entrepreneurs that have been most successful (think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Walt Disney) had visions that included making the world a better place through their work.

2. Write it down!

The habits of making lists and keeping a journal are keys to success. Lists allow you to prioritize tasks...and then check them off. When you can adhere to your plan, you will see visible progress. Keeping a journal is a proven way to achieve your goals. Research shows that it helps clarify ideas; reduce stress; solve problems; and increase self-awareness.

3. Prepare for challenges

Successful people never underestimate the sacrifices needed to reach their goals. Every day, they show up for work and do their best. They know that there will be some tough times, and handle the bumps as they come. Campbell says it best: "There is no path to success through laziness. Many entrepreneurs are not as successful as they could be because they aren't willing to 'pay the price' to reach those higher levels of commitment."

4. Contribute to the community

Even the smallest business can give back to others. True success is not about becoming wealthy; it's about making a positive difference. Your vision should include contributions: sponsor a team; volunteer at a 5K; promote a cause that leads to a cure. Involve your entire staff and make it part of your company culture. Your contributions will not only be truly satisfying, but will also benefit your personal and company brands.

No matter who your personal entrepreneurial heroes are, chances are they have made these habits part of their lives. With these positive habits, every part of your life can grow and prosper.

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All the best!

Patty Block

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