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Discipline Is What Leads to Success

The most successful people in life are disciplined. Discipline is made up of the basic tools we use to cope with life’s problems and challenges. Scott Peck in his book The Road Less Traveled says that “without discipline we can solve nothing.”


Succeeding is so difficult for many people because life can be frustrating. Frustration can provoke many to give up too soon. Each challenge we face offers us the opportunity to grow, to improve upon our skillset, to test our edges and to learn new ways to solve problems. Those who are disciplined make their lives easier as their skill sets increase. To follow are the markers of discipline.


Expect frustration

1. Expect frustration.

Disciplined people trust they grow the most when challenged by optimal levels of frustration. The frustrations that challenge them are the very one's which distinguish them as being a success rather than a failure. When disciplined people are challenged or frustrated, their problem-solving skills are called to the forefront and they stay open and committed. They are willing to be flexible in their approach until they develop the wisdom necessary to succeed. These times of uncertainty challenge disciplined people on all levels and end up determining the strength of their character.

Hard working

2. Hard working.

If we want to succeed we have to be willing to work harder than anyone else. Disciplined people are not satisfied living an average life. They crave testing the edges of who they are and what they can become. They do not mind working extra hours or going to the extra mile if it means they learn something valuable that gets them more quickly and efficiently to the result of their desired outcome.



3. Healthy

Disciplined people understand that to thrive in life or business they first and foremost need to be healthy. For this reason, they do not just focus on being disciplined in their career environment. They commit to eating healthy, they dedicate themselves to an active exercise routine, and make sure to get enough sleep. In my book Success Equations: A Path to Living an Emotionally Wealthy Life it is stated that when we feel good and look good we do better.



4. Mindset

Disciplined people are careful about the thoughts they allow to occupy their mind. They make the conscious choice to think only in terms of success. The attitude they keep is positive. Success isn’t going to always come easily; therefore, their failures are viewed as promotional opportunities which guide them toward their next more successful direction. Disciplined people understand that the way they think will either destroy them or continue to evolve them.


5. Patient

To be disciplined one must be patient. Success is not event, but a process. Disciplined people understand that patience is their greatest virtue. Patience doesn’t mean waiting and doing nothing until things manifest. It means working hard while they wait and trusting that what is meant to be theirs will come their way. In the meantime, disciplined people continue to work hard to secure new opportunities. They know that with time come the opportunities they are seeking to secure.



6. Willing

Disciplined people are willing. They are willing to listen. They are willing to learn. They are willing to work. They are willing to wait. They are willing to seek guidance. They are willing to change their minds. They are willing to change their ways. They are willing to give their time, their energy and their commitment to the process. Because of this, disciplined people can pivot on a dime whenever necessary to meet their challenge. Because of this, success is nearly guaranteed.


7. Punctual

Disciplined people value their time and the time of others. They arrive early to meetings and are fully prepared when their customers come visit with them. Disciplined people make it a habit to keep their meetings, goals and deadlines on a calendar and do all they can to meet their goals and objectives in a timely manner. They make very little time for procrastination when it comes to their urgent matters. For discipline people, the time is Now. They take advantage of a busy schedule by getting their urgent tasks done first which allows them to carve out time for themselves, their family and other personal life necessities that refuel them such as travel.



8. Organized

To be successful disciplined people have an organized system they operate from. They tend to keep copious notes, make lists, have calendars, reminders set on their phones and a daily schedule of events they organize their efforts around. The more organized disciplined people are, the less chaotic their daily events are experienced. Each person has their own way of organizing themselves that works for them. Whatever that way is, disciplined people put their organized system into action each day which allows them to maximize their time and opportunities to the fullest.


9. Accountable

Disciplined people refrain from blaming others when things don’t work in their favor. They take accountability for their end of a failure or misunderstanding. If something doesn’t work out they analyze what and where things went wrong and take measures to improve going forward. They apologize whenever necessary and do the work it takes to clear up all miscommunications or misperceptions. They value healthy relationship dynamics and aim to be as dependable as possible. Disciplined people understand great businesses are built upon solid and trusted relationships.



10. Resourceful

An important key to being disciplined is not to be rigid, but resourceful. Disciplined people are not afraid to ask for guidance when necessary or to get outside of their comfort zone to establish new patterns of behavior that will help them going forward. If they don’t have what they need, disciplined people have a fierce determination to figure out how to secure the things they are missing. These types of people refuse to take No for an answer because they have the resourcefulness to solve their problem in one way or another.

Source: Entrepreneur


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