32 - How to Change Your Company's Direction


These days, if you can't lead your company through rapid, continual change, you can't lead.

It is easy to change things.  It is hard to change people.  And let me state what should be obvious to any business owner in today's economy: Resistance to change is the biggest threat your business faces.

As the boss, you need to set the stage for change by letting employees know what’s happening in your company and in your industry. Otherwise, they won’t see any reason to do things differently. Share as much as you can about your finances, the problems your organization is facing, and what’s likely to happen if you all do nothing.

Remind your staff that change takes time. To be successful people will have to look to the future, not to short-term gains and losses. Performance won’t be transformed overnight. Once you’ve restructured, implemented new systems and launched new strategies, give the learning curve time to achieve the progress you’re looking for. Don’t be so impatient for results that you sabotage your efforts and those of your work force.

1- Learn from experience.

Resilient people reflect on what happens to them – good and bad – so they can move forward without illusion.

2- Accept setbacks and losses.

Face the reality of what happened in order to get past it.

3- Recognize emotions.|

Resilient people identify what they’re feeling and express their emotions appropriately.

4- Keep time in perspective.

Past, present, and future are separate. Don’t mix them up, by letting what’s in the past determine your choices in the here and now.

5- Think creatively and flexibly.

Look for new ways to solve problems and face challenges.

6- Take care of yourself.

Resilience is based on good physical and mental health. Get enough rest, eat sensibly, and spend time with people who support you.

7- Ask for help.

Resilient people don’t try to do everything themselves. Ask others for assistance, and learn how to do so graciously and effectively.

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All the best!

Patty Block

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