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Finding Ideal Clients

Turning Roadblocks into Building Blocks for Women-owned Businesses

Finding Ideal Clients

How do I find ideal clients?

Finding ideal clients and establishing strong relationships is a lot like a Connect-the-Dots puzzle. The page seems to be largely blank, with unrelated dots. By defining an ideal client and your target markets, you can connect the dots to target specific prospects and successfully convert them to loyal clients.

  • Do you have a strategic method for acquiring referrals?
  • Do you find clients primarily by ‘happy accident’?
  • Do you have clients you wish you could fire?
  • Are your clients really profitable?

The Block Group has developed business development tools that we customize for your needs and teach you to use.

"Once your business development issues are addressed and you have a system for ongoing targeting, you can focus on bringing in ideal clients, improving your profits and creating a greater impact in your community."

How do you find ideal clients?

Want to stop getting terrible referrals?

Are you finding clients by ‘happy accident’?

Wish you could fire certain clients?

Are your clients really profitable?

Why aren't all your clients ideal?

Building Blocks

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