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5 Different Types of Employee Bonus Programs for Your Small Business

Does your small business give employees bonuses? Almost three-fourths of companies do, according to PayScale’s 2018 Compensation Best Practices Report. Giving bonuses (also called “variable pay”) allows companies to reward top performers without increasing their fixed costs for salaries. Top-performing businesses are more likely to offer bonuses than the average business (79% vs. 70%), PayScale reports. According to a 2018 WorldAtWork survey, bonuses are becoming more popular, especially among small and midsized companies.

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The 13 Best Diagrams To Unleash Your Teams' Creativity Through Design Thinking

Unlocking employees’ creative potential has long been recognized as a key component of management. Creativity is the bases for innovation and innovation is the turning point for successful results. Front-running businesses are well aware of it and invest time and resources on developing creative structures and teams. And design thinking is one of their preferred tools for it.

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