What Is The "Bucket" Approach Strategy To Retirement Income Planning?

I often compare retirement income planning to trying to hit a moving target in the wind. The target is your retirement goals – essentially what you want to spend and accomplish with your finances. The target is moving because you don’t know how long you will live – your retirement could last 5 years or 40. Then there is wind because things will change along the way.

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Forget Cultural Fit and Look for Cultural Impact

Each and every person you hire can profoundly impact your company's culture. As you grow your team, remember that directly related experience is often not the best way to predict success. Consider instead a candidate's potential to impact the culture -- and the business.

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How To Find Discipline In A World Full Of Distractions

You arrive to work on Monday morning with optimism and hopefulness about the day and week ahead. You’re going to stay focused. Then, you open your computer and watch with despair while hundreds of emails flood in, including one from your boss about a mistake your team made last week. This trumps everything you had in mind to accomplish.

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