10 Time Management Tips to Help You Get More Done Each Day

As a small business owner, you only have a finite amount of time each day to run every facet of your business. So time management is an essential thing to keep in mind. Members of the online small business community have come up with many tips and tricks through the years to save time and work productively. Here are some of their top tips for managing your time effectively.


Repurpose Your Content Across Multiple Marketing Platforms
When you create a piece of content, it might not work for every platform you use to reach customers. But with some small tweaks, you may be able to take it farther and have more of an impact by sharing it in multiple places. Read more on this concept from Neil Patel of Quick Sprout.


Create Routines for Work and Life
In order to effectively manage your time, it helps to have set routines in place. You can learn a lot about those routines and the processes that make you successful in work and life through bullet journaling. Adam Henshall dives into this subject in more detail in this Process Street post.


Adjust Your SEO for Holiday Shoppers
Time is especially valuable for small businesses throughout the holiday season. So get ahead of this year’s shoppers by adjusting your SEO now. This Search Engine Land post by Dave Davies includes an SEO guide that’s specifically geared toward online shopping during the holidays.


Prepare for These Digital Marketing Trends in 2020
Similarly, getting ahead of your marketing plan for the new year can help you save time when the calendar changes. Here, Sam Hurley of PostFunnel details three data-backed digital marketing trends you should note before the new year. And BizSugar members commented on the post here.


Syndicate Blog Posts for More Exposure
Instead of constantly writing and promoting brand new content for your blog, there are ways to syndicate your content so that it reaches new people even if it’s not brand new. Erin Sanchez explains more about this process in this Social Media Examiner post.


Check Out These Tools That Content Marketers Love
Having the right tools at your disposal can help you automate and effectively market your business in the shortest possible amount of time. Check out this Content Marketing Institute post by Kim Moustos to see what options the content marketing experts are using.

Get the Most Out of Your Cloud Accounting Services
Managing your books can take up a fair amount of time, although having the right cloud service can make things easier. If you want to really get the most out of your cloud accounting services, read this Acuity post from Matthew May for some practical tips.


Increase Productivity Among Your Employees
Saving time running your business isn’t just about managing your own time. You also need to make sure your team is as productive as possible. For some practical tips in this area, check out this Biz Penguin post by Ivan Widjaya.


Get to Work on Social Media
Before you really get started with social media, you need a plan. In this post, Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media outlines some of the key things to know once you’re ready to jump into the social media world. See what the BizSugar community is saying about the post here.


Ask These Brand Health Questions
If any of your efforts are going to be successful, you first need to have a healthy brand. So you may want to perform a checkup to make sure all everything is as it should be. In this Crowdspring post, Katie Lundin offers tips for evaluating the health of your brand.


Source: Smallbiztrends

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