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7. How many people does it take to create success?

007.-How-many-people-does-it-take-to-create-successOne of the biggest challenges for small businesses is hiring and staffing. In tip seven, Xerox offers some suggestions. What is your staffing strategy?

7. How many people does it take to create success?

As your business grows, the workload becomes more distributed, requiring more employees.
Controlled growth means adding these employees slowly and deliberately. If you’re not sure you’ll have sustained revenue to support direct hire employees, consider temporary contract employees. It’s a great way to harness a skill you may only need temporarily. And “test driving” an employee is a great way to find if you have a good fit for longer term employment.

Communicating your values and expectations contribute to a solid business. Xerox’s final tip sums this up well. Have you found these 8 tips helpful?

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