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Cracking the Code on Tax Breaks for Businesses with Small Payrolls

Some federal tax breaks depend on being small. Small, in this case, means the number of employees you have. If your business grows, you may think about adding employees. But consider the impact this will have on your access to certain small business tax breaks.

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Your Happiness Affects Your Bottom Line

If a customer walks through your door, you’ve likely told yourself or your employees — put on your happy face.
Well, we learned this week, you need to start saying — put on your happier face.

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Apply These 10 Techniques to Create the Perfect Work Schedule for Your Small Business Team

Do you struggle with scheduling for your small businesses? You have must make sure all your shifts are covered. But you also need to optimize the schedule to ensure as many sales as possible. So you need to take tons of things into consideration. Then create the perfect employee schedule. And keep labor costs and time off requests in mind.

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7 Bulletproof Strategies to Increase Sales and Make More Money

Sales. It's the lifeblood of a business. The proverbial heartbeat of an organization. Without it? A business would cease to exist. With it? Endless opportunities await for expansion and world domination. But try as they might, most business owners struggle with sales. Entrepreneurs around the world grapple with the inability to make more money. The truth? It's not easy. Especially when you don't understand the mechanics of what it takes to increase sales in any business.

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Want To Stifle Your Team's Creativity? Do These Things

The slate of companies going public this year— Pinterest, Slack Technologies, and Uber, to name a few—should silence anyone who doubts the power of a bold idea.

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