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There’s an Old Saying: “We’re Only as Valuable as Our Last Mistake.”


It’s normally used when referring to client relationships; one mistake can ruin years of hard-earned loyalty.

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Leadership skills — you know they’re important, but why do they sometimes fall short? Why is it easy to lead some people, but not others? Sure, some people aren’t willing to meet you halfway, but how do you reach a great employee who seems to shut down when you interact with him or her?

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As a Small Business Owner, Your Priority Number One Should be to Save Money.


As a small business owner you need to be extremely frugal over how you manage your funds. Lack of or misuse of capital is one of the main reasons why companies fail today. That said, priority number one should be to save money.

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Three Principles to Lead by to Encourage Learning Quickly


Positive accountability encourages risk-taking and says it's okay when we make mistakes if we own them, learn from them, and build better systems as a result.

By Partners in Leadership@TheOzPrinciple

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Not Everyone is Going to Think and Act Like You Do.


This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many leaders I see who get frustrated when their team members express differing views. One of the most critical skills of a good leader is empathy. Don’t confuse empathy with sympathy. Sympathy is sharing another’s feelings. Empathy is seeing and understanding where people are coming from.

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Many employers are learning the hard way that mistakes made during the hiring process can result in costly and time-consuming discrimination claims. Although many of these mistakes are avoidable, careless HR practices or lack of knowledge can land business owners in legal hot water.

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