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How rampant is the problem of late-paying customers?


For small businesses, one late-paying customer could mean the difference between success and failure. How rampant is the problem of late-paying customers? Consider these numbers from a Fundbox survey of how unpaid invoices affect small business growth.

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“To grow, or not to grow?”

If Hamlet had been an entrepreneur in the 21st century instead of the prince of Denmark in the Middle Ages, this question would have been on his mind.

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Preparing for them is essential.

When disaster strikes — be it a deadly hurricane or a massive cyber-hack — great business leaders respond rather than react.

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Your business communication practices will need to be able to speak on your behalf.

Whether your company is business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or some combination of the two, communication is key to building relationships with your customers and clients.

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Many leaders today confuse confidence with arrogance.

In a village long ago lived a young boy who loved nothing as much as competing in athletic contests. Because he was fit and strong, he usually triumphed and grew to love the adulation he received from the villagers around him.

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Everyone wants to be “the leader” and put themselves first.

If you think back to your childhood and the unique dynamic of playground politics, you’ll probably remember everyone jockeying to be “the leader.” I know that in my experience, everyone always wanted to be in charge and tell the others what to do.

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