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4 Business Communication Styles and How to Work With Them

Effective communication in the workplace is essential — not only does it play a role in achieving your daily goals but it has a significant impact on your career. You and your colleague’s business communication styles play an important part in successful collaboration.

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Why Founders Should Focus on Productivity Instead of Efficiency

Imagine what greater efficiency could look like in your life and work. Maybe you would automate a common email chain or customer inquiry. Run five miles in 35 minutes instead of 40. Or trim business expenses by 10 percent. There are hundreds of different definitions, but ultimately, efficiency means producing the same result with fewer resources -- less time, money, or energy.

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Reasons Working Too Hard at Your Business is a Waste of Time

As the leader of a small business, you’re bent on driving growth. You are willing to put in the work that’s needed to achieve that, but paradoxically, working too hard could create unexpected obstacles to your business growth.

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Employee Engagement: Why It’s Important, And How To Create It

It’s no longer just on the shoulders of HR departments to ensure employee engagement and wellness — thankfully, many companies, both big and small, are understanding the importance of keeping employees happy.


“Employee engagement and wellness are ultimately about protecting your human capital, your most important asset.” - Naz Beheshti

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