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How to Break the Negative Cycle of 'What If' Thinking

Have you ever been in that meeting where things goes awry and you immediately feel your stomach tie up in knots? You can tell something is wrong--maybe what you said or didn't say, or did or didn't do. Then it just gets worse as you spend more time thinking about what happened--or what everyone else might be thinking--instead of the agenda.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Business by Cutting Costs

Peter Drucker once said that businesses had two main functions -- marketing and innovation -- that produce results. "All the rest are costs."


If you agree, that means that the average business has a lot of fat to trim. Obviously you can go overboard trying to cut costs too. My philosophy has been to look at some of the general areas where you can add some efficiency but not at the expense of impairing your truly most valuable resources -- your focus.

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How to Stop a Frivolous Lawsuit From Sinking Your Business

What would happen if you were sued?


Now, you might say there’s no reason for someone to sue you. And while there might not be a legitimate reason, business owners are sued all the time. Just because a lawsuit is unfounded doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself in the middle of one. What’s more, lawsuits can be stressful and financially disastrous -- even if you did nothing wrong.

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How to Deliver More Authentic Customer Experiences

Every time someone from your company speaks with a customer, that customer receives an experience that falls somewhere between “exceptional” and “exceptionally awful.” Get it right, and customers will talk to their friends about you. Get it wrong, and they’ll talk even louder.

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