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As you move higher and higher up your organization, you may notice that it gets harder and harder to tell how well you’re doing when you’re delivering a presentation.


Everyone looks so stoic. Are they engaged with what you’re saying, or are they checked out? Are you relevant or off-the-mark?

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When it’s time to hire new employees, many organizations seek candidates they believe will “fit” with their established “cultures.” The theory is that employees who better conform to the dominant corporate values will be more engaged and loyal — and thus more productive and less prone to leave their jobs.

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Most entrepreneurs--especially new ones--charge into leadership with a cloud of aspirational adjectives ("inspiring," "benevolent," "collaborative") roiling their brains but no clear idea what those things look like in practice. The result is confusion, as employees try to deduce the boss's intent ("Am I supposed to take initiative here, or wait for the white flag?") and grapple with leadership that is situational rather than consistent.

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