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Employee Engagement: Why It’s Important, And How To Create It

It’s no longer just on the shoulders of HR departments to ensure employee engagement and wellness — thankfully, many companies, both big and small, are understanding the importance of keeping employees happy.


“Employee engagement and wellness are ultimately about protecting your human capital, your most important asset.” - Naz Beheshti

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288 - A Few Disgruntled Employees Can Destroy Your Company Culture

In every manager’s journey comes the moment of truth when they discover if they possess the true qualities of leading a team. Leading and managing excited, productive, happy people is not the challenge; the true challenge is dealing with and managing unhappy, difficult and disgruntled employees. A sobering fact is that unhappy or disgruntled employees can damage your company’s culture, resulting in a poor or hostile work environment which often translates to reduced profit margins and dispirited employees.

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286 - Why Including Financial Education in your Wellness Plan Helps Ease Employee Stress

If your business offers a retirement plan for employees, congratulations on setting up a valuable and popular employee benefit. There’s just one problem: according to the Pension Rights Center, only about half of American workers are participating in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

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