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Millennials, Fear Of Taking Risks Will Hold You Back. Six Ways To Uptick Your Risk Quotient.

Anyone who has ever immigrated from another country or created a startup understands that risk-taking is critical to move forward in life and your career. Your grandparents took risks. Your parents took risks. Yes, we have typified Millennials as lazy, entitled, poor communications skills and hopelessly enamored with technology. We know most of these characterizes are generalizations and probably not true over time. And yet, unfortunately, the millennial “children” are boasting another characteristic that is damning them in the professional world: risk-aversion.

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3 'Boring' Essentials Every Successful Business Owner Must Deal With

Even businesses with great products and hungry markets can fail. If you don’t take care of the “boring” stuff, your company won’t last long enough to deliver on all the promises you made to your customers.

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5 Simple, Science-Backed Tricks to Help Improve Home-Office Productivity

For many, working from a home office is the ultimate dream. But as many entrepreneurs discover, it’s not always easy to stay focused and productive when you’re working in the same place where you spend time with family or friends, or unwind on the couch watching Netflix.

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Knowing These State Employment Law Trends Will Help Keep You Safe When Hiring

According to the NFIB’s February 2019 Small Business Optimism Index, 57% of small businesses are hiring or trying to hire workers. Many have job openings they can’t fill. If you’re in the market for a new employee, be sure you understand the laws governing your actions. Some of these laws are federal, but a growing number of them apply on the state and local levels.

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