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215 - 5 Ways to Change How You Look at Your Business and Immediately Transform It

Regan Hillyer is a serial entrepreneur, coach and philanthropist and my “go to” person on the topic of transformation. Check out her 5 ways to wrap your head and hands around transformation and put it into action.

1. Get clear on your big-picture vision

01 Get clear on your big picture vision

“If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll never get there and you’ll end up being busy for the sake of being busy,” Hillyer said. “You must get specific. It’s so important to have a vision for your business because you need to be able to know what you are aligning to.

"So, I invite you to get into the space of being really honest with yourself: What is it you actually want from your business? Not what is expected, or what you think you should be doing, or what you have been told you should be doing or because what society says you should be doing.

"What is it you truly want, no limits barred? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What if you took all limitations, fears and doubts away? What does that vision look like to you? When you align to this, you need to then connect with this vision daily — which drives the action you then take in your business to move it forward.”

2. Define who you want to help

02 Define who you want to help


“You’re going to have clients, even ideal clients, so why not make them soulmate clients?” Hillyer said. “Soulmate clients are clients that you are truly in love with: i.e. you are excited to speak to them, spend time with them and serve and help them.

"If you are serving a client who is not a soulmate client, quite simply, you will find yourself drained, in resistance and not feeling excited to serve them at the highest level possible. You get to choose your clients and, of course, the more specific, the better. Too many people figure out how to help people, but not their soulmate people. This means they create a business where it feels like work and they don’t actually enjoy working with their clients that much. Having soulmate clients is a choice and it is absolutely possible for everyone.”

3. Figure out what your clients’ biggest problems are

03 clients biggest problems


“What problems are your clients looking to solve? You may already be helping people solve their problems. If so, then it’s time to dig deeper: What are five other problems that stem from these problems?” Hillyer said.

“Remember, the bigger the problem you help them solve, the more valuable it is for them, and the more they are willing to invest in having that problem solved. For example, if your business is in branding and you help someone simply define their core message around their brand, you are helping them solve a problem — whereas if you help them to do this and then also build out a full brand entirely with them, you are not only solving the first problem, you are also helping them solve problems underneath that problem.”

4. Speak directly to your clients’ emotional drivers

04 Speak directly to your clients


“It doesn’t matter whatever your business is, your clients are motivated by core human drivers mainly that they are unconsciously aware of,” Hillyer said. “Once you are clear on your clients’ problems, tap into their fears, dreams and secret desires. For example, what keeps them up late at night? Then in all your messaging and marketing, speak directly to their core using emotional language and drivers.

"For example, let’s say you’re working in the health industry. Most people say they want to change their body or lose weight, but the emotional story behind those statements is this: wanting to feel better, wanting to feel more accepted by themselves and others, fear of not being good enough, dreams of having a body that is desirable to themselves and others, a dream to look amazing in their swimwear at the beach, etc. See how once you tap into those drivers, you can change your marketing to speak directly to them.”

5. Create irresistible offers that solve their problems

05 irresistible offers

“If you follow the four steps above in order and miss this fifth, you’ll have a raging community of people who love you but who don’t buy from you,” Hillyer said. “Make sure you are putting out offers that your audience and customers just cannot resist.

"Think about this: What would make an offer irresistible to your soulmate clients? What is someone else offering that you can offer better? How could you go above and beyond in areas such as customer service or adding more value?

“When you have these five elements, you can instantly change your perspective, which will transform the way you run your business,” she said. “It becomes less about work and more about setting the intention and tapping into your vision with ease.”


Source: bizjournals

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