The Block Group Perspective

Turning Roadblocks into Building Blocks for Women-owned Businesses

The Block Group Perspective

Every day, women business owners in every industry struggle with profit-eating, productivity-draining issues that wear them down, financially and emotionally — but their real problem isn’t what they think it is. Owners become so bogged down with management, they lose sight of the crucial ingredient for building a solid company that moves forward.

The Block Group brings a unique perspective to the complex issues that confront women business owners, serving as a trusted advisor with fresh eyes and new ideas — leveraging the power of focus to implement financial, operational, and business development strategies that build value and consistency.

From improving cash flow…. To increasing staff productivity…. To scaling for growth, these periods of transition — and so many more — provide both challenges and opportunities. Managed effectively, change can become a productive force for growth. The Block Group harnesses that potential, turning roadblocks into building blocks​ for women-owned businesses.

Charting the Course for Impactful, Sustainable, Profitable Businesses

  • Profitable


    How are you maintaining your engine?

    • Budget & Cash Flow Analysis
    • Working Capital
    • Profit Margins
    • Managing Debt
  • Sustainable


    What are you driving & who is in control?

    • Productivity Plan
    • Hiring, Staffing and Training
    • Business Processes
    • Service Delivery
  • Impactful


    Where are you going & how will you get there?

    • Strategic Plan
    • Business Development Plan
    • Pricing Model
    • Business Emergency Plan

The Block Group Road to Results connects proven business ideas with practical methods to:
  • Position your company to be nimble in the marketplace
  • Build & enhance your company reputation
  • Develop a roadmap to achieve your company goals: If you know where you are and where you want to be, why aren’t you already there?
  • Build an impactful, sustainable and profitable business

Building Blocks

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